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Bienvenidos a la decimocuarta etapa del Tour de Eventos 2017 que tendrá lugar el 15 de septiembre de 17z a 20z. En esta etapa volaremos al aeródromo de Son Bonet, que permite únicamente la presencia de tránsito VFR. Disfruta de un paisaje idílico.
¡No te lo pierdas!
 On 16th September 2017, 0300z-2100z, the German division invites the IVAO public to the annual Real Flight Event München. You will be able to choose your flight(s) out of a list of 1027 real flights. We will be serving you with a full staffed airport. Controlled from a specially arranged spot. 

You can receive more information (e.g. booking system, pilot briefing, etc.) on the event page.

Bookings made until (incl.) Tuesday, 12.09., must be confirmed by the owner. Therefore, all pilots will receive a confirmation link via mail on Wednesday, 13.09., which is valid for 48 hrs. Unconfirmed bookings will be released to rebook after the 48h period. Bookings made from Wednesday, 13.09., do not have to be confirmed.
Be advised that booked flights do have priority and that you may have to face a delay or even a reroute to your alternate if we can't fit your individual flight in the sequence.